Arca (A)

Displays as: 0 A
Held by: Users

Arca is the in-game currency of Caelum.
It may be used at theĀ shop.

Arca may be used to buy a Beatus or items from the group.
Each person is given 250 Arca upon registering their account.

To Earn Arca

  • Find it as a drop in activities
  • Given as prize in group events
  • Doing services, selling slots, etc, for Arca, Arcai must be transferred accordingly.

Dried Leaves (DL)

Displays as: 0 DL
Held by: Users

Currency linked to the Autumn's Eve celebration.

Faction Standing (Standing)

Displays as: 0 Standing
Held by:

Standing in a given faction.

Feather Points (FP)

Displays as: 0 FP
Held by: Users

Group Tokens (GT)

Displays as: 0 GT
Held by: Users

Can only be used in the GH Slot Shop to buy group horse slots.

Scarab Beetles (SB)

Displays as: 0 SB
Held by: Users

Currency linked to the Geo Festival and Bug Hunt

Total Breeding Permissions (Breeding Permissions)

Displays as: 0 Breeding Permissions
Held by: Characters

The total number of breeding permissions a given character is allowed.

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