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RNGs and Names

Posted 1 week and 6 days ago :: Last edited 1 week and 6 days ago by The-Creator-BA

Hello hello!

RNG tables are all good to go, so go ham on them! There are currently 15 Angel, 11 Demon[though more be added by the end of the day], 10 Nephilim, and 10 Novus!
Some of them still need names and a LOT of them still need designs. If you have a name suggestion or would like to tackle a design, please DM the admin account on Discord~

Raffles have started up for the month, and we're kicking it off with 4 designed by yours truly, Dare! The lil surprise may or may not be that these are pregnant raffles! Once winners have been rolled, the foal for each will also be posted and transferred to the winner.

There are also more raffles coming. This will include some mystery raffles, foal raffles, and even item raffles! So def keep an eye out on the raffle channels as we go through the month~

Pride Month and 10 Years of BAs!

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Happy Pride Month!

For Pride month, same-sex breedings do NOT require a Hilrula Potion, these are 'used' freely during Pride month! Same-sex breedings are also free from the typical infertile roll as well~
Pride has a 10% chance of randomly popping up in breedings, and Black Appaloosa and Black Paint have a 15% chance of popping up~


Happy 10 Years to BAs!

10 years is a HUGE milestone to be reached, and it means so much to Long and me that we've been able to share this piece of ourselves with you all for so long.

With us reaching such a major milestone, we've got a LOT in store for the coming month~ Everything from mystery raffles, to big prizes and gifts for everyone.
Now would also be a great time for long-term members to drag in their close friends looking for something new in HARPG~


To start, all members are getting 10 customs! 5 are MYOs and 5 are RNGs. This information can also be found in the guidelines channel in the Discord.

MYOs can be anything your heart desires. Everyone can claim 1 Unlimited, 2 Limited Unlimiteds, and 2 Unlimited Full Customs.
ALMOST EVERYTHING is unlocked this round! There are still a few things that are locked, Cape: Underbelly and Tatuaggio: Stained are still locked behind their inheritance from Widow and Bugsly.

RNGs will include everything as well, and include all of the new traits and mutations added to the breed recently!

Alongside the MYOs and RNGs, you can completely customize the genotype[the genetic coding] of ONE[1] MYO. This is not available to RNGs, due to their nature.

For RNGs, you can choose two things to have guaranteed on them! This can be a gene, magic, type, sex, mutation, etc.

Members can start opening their custom and RNG tickets starting today, till midnight June 30th. Everyone will have until August 10th to put in the orders, to give some wiggle room for planning~


On top of the customs and RNGs, members can also claim a prize that's already set up for everyone~
You can get easy access via this link, or find it through World->Prompts or the submit drop-down.
I do ask that people refrain from opening the RNG Parent Tokens. We're getting some more together so that the new genes also enter the pool of RNG parents, and that there are an adequate number of Novus RNG parents.


Keep an eye out here on the site and in the Discord for more news as we go through the month!