Terms of Service

Created: 15 July 2021, 17:35:52 CDT
Last updated: 4 July 2022, 19:00:48 CDT

Caelum uses a three-strike system. Strike one will be a warning from an admin, strike two will be a formal warning and can come with a temporary ban, strike three will result in expulsion and banning from the group.

Strikes can be appealed, but only by speaking with an admin on the matter.

In cases of proven harassment/bullying, the strike system can, and will, be by-passed. Resulting in an immediate ban, that cannot be appealed.

Be respectful! Caelum is a no-judgment zone, so treat those around you in the same manner you wish to be treated.

If you own a Beatus, you should make an account here on our site, it is also highly recommended you join our discord as well.

Do not threaten or harass other members, this includes backhanded compliments, singling members out in journals, naming and shaming, name-calling, begging, or abuse. This list is not exhaustive. - If this is happening to you, please get in contact with admins AS SOON as you can!

Absolutely no theft within Beatus. This includes, but by no means limited to; art, designs, payments, storylines, stock, etc.

Imports may not be uploaded to your own gallery. Beatus are NOT a free to create breed.
This means that Beatus starters cannot be made by anyone other than official admins and designers
Make your own Beatus(if you order a custom, you do have the option to design yourself)
You may not create adopts that are either full or partial Beatus
You may not breed two Beatus without owner permission and a note to the group
For crossbreeding(breeding Beatus outside of the group) you must notify the group if it’s a stallion, and send a note to the group for genos if it’s a mare.

All names and personalities must be kept in the PG-13 range, on the ref. All other art/lit pieces MUST be tagged for mature content

Do not block any of the admins on dA or Discord, we need to be able to contact you and you need to be able to see what we say

If your account is inactive for a year or more, the group may reclaim your Beatus without warning. We generally do try and reach out first, though



To do anything within Caelum, you must have ownership over the Beatus.

Transferring can now be done within Lorekeeper and is to be done so. Keep in mind, transferring is likely final, and be aware of who you are sending the Beatus to.

Breeder/stable prefixes MUST be kept unless you have permission to remove it.

When selling, please be courteous and attempt to contact the designer.


When selling, please be courteous and attempt to contact the designer.

A Beatus that has been purchased with Arca or art CANNOT be sold for points or USD. If they are of Champion rank or higher, you may sell them for points/USD.

If you bought a BA for points/USD you cannot sell for a higher price than you bought them, unless they are of Excellent rank or higher


A Beatus’ WBC must be completed in order to be bred.

More information on breeding can be found here.


Deceasing is permanent and irreversible, deceasing should not be done on a whim.

Please be sure to contact any slot holders before you send your decease message. This is considered common courtesy, and we ask for this proof that you contacted them before deceasing as a final measure to be sure you know deceasing is final.

Your Beatus will not be marked as deceased as any kind of punishment.
Only the MARKED owner may request for a Beatus to be deceased.

Direct foals of 001 and 002 must first have explicit permission from DaretoDream0 in order to be deceased. This is due to the large lore that circles the Royal family.

If you plan on bringing a deceased design either to a different breed or for personal use, you MUST contact the original designer[s] to get their permission to re-use the design.

To decease, check our deceasing thread.