Character Titles

Royal Family (Royal) (Rare)

Member of the Royal Family
Descendants of ID-001 and/or ID-002

Royal title completely protects against Crosstyping Stillborn rolls.
Royal title offers altered stat alterations in breedings.
Royal title DOES NOT allow Inbreeding over Level 1 in breedings. If doing a breeding over Level 1, you can choose to forfeit the title and go forward with the breeding, otherwise, all foals will be stillborn.

Mascot Line (Mascot) (Rare)

Descendants of GH-000 Belle.

Chaos Line (Chaos) (Uncommon)

Descendants of GH0-003 Calamity

Disaster Line (Disaster) (Unlimited)

Descendants of BOTH GH-003 Calamity and GH-039 Cluster

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